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Beatsharbor showcases a diverse range of music genres meticulously curated by top-notch music producers. Explore outstanding beats across various musical styles, ensuring a perfect match for your taste. We are confident that you won’t find superior tracks elsewhere. Take a listen to our top-tier beats below and immerse yourself in unparalleled quality.


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Non-Exclusive Sales Agreement

Throughout our collaboration, a formal agreement, typically spanning one or two years, will be established. It’s crucial to emphasize that this sales agreement doesn’t grant exclusive rights to us, providing you with the flexibility to sell your products on other platforms. Together, we’ll determine product quantity, pricing, and the percentage from each sale. Importantly, within the agreement’s duration, we won’t claim ownership of your products; our role is strictly as an intermediary in the sales process of your creations. Rest assured, your works will be exclusively available for sale or sharing on the platform.

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Once the agreement is signed, you’ll receive access to a dedicated server, allowing you to upload all your tracks seamlessly. Subsequently, we’ll incorporate them into the Beatsharbor store according to our pre-established agreements. As part of our commitment, we will also develop your artist profile and actively promote you as an artist, leveraging various marketing strategies, including Google marketing activities.

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